About Us

Our History

The Early Years

The McNeill Family’s Automotive Journey began in 1939 when M.B. McNeill founded McNeill Pontiac in Cricket, NC. It was relocated to Wilkesboro in the late 50’s and renamed Midway Pontiac. M.B. McNeill’s son, Gene McNeill, got the nod to take over in the mid 60’s where he flourished and made the first step into owning multiple franchises. He purchased the Datsun Franchise in 1978 and renamed it Midway Pontiac Datsun. That was also the year Gene’s son, David McNeill, joined the family business.

The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

Gene and David McNeill grew Midway Pontiac Datsun until they sold it in 1982. David McNeill purchased the Toyota franchise in 1983 naming it Northwest Toyota. It remained that way for 20 years earning him 17 consecutive years as a Toyota President’s Award Winner, 20 consecutive years as a Service Excellence Award Winner and cemented the McNeill Family in the auto industry. David always enjoyed new challenges and decided to sell the Toyota franchise in late 2002.


David decided to take a chance in 2003 on a little known Korean Automobile franchise called Kia. He named it Carolina Kia of High Point and who knew what would happen next? David put his winning touch on the franchise and Kia took the North American market by storm! In October of 2006 David decided to take a chance on another Korean brand to see if he could do it again and guess what…lightning in a bottle! David missed Wilkesboro and hoped to find a good franchise to carry on the legacy built in that community so many years ago. In 2015 he had the opportunity to purchase the Nissan franchise and he jumped at the chance. He renamed it to McNeill Nissan and has been serving that community ever since. In 2019, Chevrolet and Buick were added via McNeill Chevrolet Buick to our portfolio to diversify our brand.

The Future

David has two sons who have joined the family business and are hard at work every day to carry on the tradition. David’s oldest son, Scott McNeill, joined Carolina Kia in 2003 serving across all departments of the business. He is currently living in Wilkes County and is serving as the Executive Manager of McNeill Nissan. David’s youngest son, Matt McNeill, joined Carolina Hyundai in 2006. He has also been successful working in all areas of the operation. He is currently working as the Sales Manager at Carolina Hyundai and can be found in only 2 places in the dealership. He is either working hard on a putting a deal together or helping his wife, Liz, chase their children, Bear and Luna, around the store (normally with a toy car in their hands).

Scott and Matt are taking all the right steps to ensure the business will flourish under their leadership when David decides to slow down. He will most likely spend his time trying to figure out how to beat his lovely wife, Connie McNeill, at golf. It most likely won’t happen unless she lets him.

Giving Back

The McNeill Family has always believed in giving back to the communities they serve. They have donated to their time and money to countless local charities such as JDRF, Open Door Ministries, High Point Regional Hospital, The American Heart Association, Wilkes Community College, Wilkes Educational Foundation, UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, Wilkes Art Gallery, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Crisis Center, The United Way, Boy Scout’s of America and Wilkes Circle of Cares just to name a few. The Wilkes Community College Automotive Building is even named the McNeill Automotive Center in honor of the family. They truly believe in giving back and pass that philosophy onto their employees.

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